Newest Vegan Recipes

Green Smoothie with Kale


A simple green smoothie that will give you an energy boost, hydrate you and provide the pure nutrition your body needs. This recipe gives you your daily requirements of copper and vitamin A, C and K. The best part? It’s sweet and tasty! Prep time: 5 mins                   Total time: 5 mins…

Homemade Almond Milk

homemade almond milk

An easy Almond Milk recipe to make at home. You can drink it by itself, have it with cereal or use it for baking.  Prep time: 15 mins                    Total time: 15 mins Author: Eleni Karatzia     Cuisine: Vegan     Course: Drink     Servings: 4 cups Ingredients 1 cup…

February 5, 2017