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Social Media Image Size Cheat Sheet 2017

Social media platforms change their image requirements and formats change every year. Finding the right image with the right graphic size and resolution might be a pain to many bloggers. To make blogging life easier, I have gathered some image size for popular social media sites in 2017 include Facebook, Twitter, Youtube Instagram, Google + and Pinterest. I hope you find this graphic guide helpful and happy blogging!

Social Media Header Image

  1. Facebook Cover (828px X 315px)
  2. Facebook Event Cover (784px X 295px)
  3. Twitter Header (1500px X 500px)
  4. Youtube Thumbnail (1280px X 720px)
  5. Youtube Channel Art (2560px X 1440px)
  6. Google+ Photo (1240px X 700px)


Social Media Post Image

  1. Facebook Post (940px X 788px)
  2. Twitter Post (1024px X 512px)
  3. Instagram Post (1080px X 1080px)
  4. Pinterest Graphic (735px X 1102px)