CNY Flower Fair

Many people like to decorate their houses with flowers, especially when certain flowers and plants hold symbolic meanings during Chinese Lunar New Year. This is actually my first time visiting a Flower Fair in Hong Kong during the Spring Festival, and to my surprise, it offers a range of varieties with a very good price. The flower market in Prince Edward, Hong Kong, is a wholesale market where real florists get their flowers and it has everything that you might need and ever imagine. On the day of my visit, it was the busiest day in the year as it was the Lunar New Year Eve.


understand why people are so passionate about visiting the flower fair during the Chinese New Year, isn't it just a floral market? It was around 21:00 when I visited and by two hours, the fair was getting busier and it was packed full wth people. I literally couldn't breathe and can't walk in the crowd. I could definitely feel the strong Lunar festival spirit in the air. which I think it's the essential ingredient that makes people so fascinated by the tradition.

So why people are so passionate about getting flowers for the new year? Here are some popular plants that I found the fair and the reason why:

#1 Nipple Fruit


The nipple fruit (solanum mammosum), also known as Titty Fruit, Apple of Sodom, Cow's Udder) is so-called because of its waxy yellow produces which looks like a human breast. When you look close to it, it has five small stalks attaching to each fruit. The Chinese name of the nipple fruit can be translated directly with a meaning of "five generations living under one roof." This is why the nipple fruits go viral during the Lunar new year as it has a symbolic meaning of bringing health to every family member, including the youths and the elderly. It is also a blessing to the family and the wish for prosperity to the family.

#2 Peach Blossom

The peach blossom is probably the most popular flower to get duri20170127_215516ng Chinses New Year. Not only because of its beautiful and vibrant colour, but it's symbolic meaning for relationships.  It is said to bring love and relationships to the household, thus it is popular among many families with married couple as well as singles. Some people also put peach blossom in their offices to bring good relationships and connections to their businesses.

#3 Lucky Bamboo

The lucky bamboo (dracaena sanderiana) has a symbolic meaning of wealth and a resourcef20170127_215039ul life. The number of bamboo stalks carries a specific meaning. For example, 888 stalks mean triple the wealth while 1314 stalks mean wealth for the entire lifetime. Many people place the lucky bamboo in their house throughout the year, as it is easy to take care and can survive in any kind of light.