About stress nothing

Welcome to stress nothing!  We're Vivio and Eleni, former classmates, flatmates and now besties. We created stress nothing to promote happiness through a creative lens and our positive mindset.

What you see in stress nothing is everything we enjoy and love. We believe that a healthy lifestyle and a calm and peaceful mind is integral to happiness. We share recipes (vegan recipes too) that are good for your health and put less stress on your body - avoiding processed foods, cooking nutritious meals and incorporating as many greens as possible. You will also find some of our more indulgent recipes, as we like to treat ourselves from time to time.

Travelling is one of our greatest loves and contributes to a serene mind and overall wellness. This is why we document our travelling experiences featuring tips and tricks along with the best places to eat (woohoo!).

We also share DIY projects, providing simple solutions for hand-crafted gifts and homemade organic beauty products that are good for your skin. It's fun to create something yourself that also puts less stress on your bank accounts, so why not?

Blogging is fun. If we can do it, you can too! Check out our business and blogging tips for we hope to help you in any way we possibly can! It’s okay to dream big because trying, failing and learning is what makes life amazing! If you ever leave this site with an idea, a newly learned skill, or feeling positive, we have done our part! 

stress nothing & enjoy the little things in life!

February 3, 2017